Cobb Premier BBQ Set

  • RM600.00

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This is a set to start with your BBQ adventure. It is compact, stylish and more importantly very easy to use and clean afterwards. It comes complete with Teflon-coated grill grid as well as a carry bag that allows you to take it anywhere - camping, hiking, picnic or just using it on your balcony at home. 

This is our most popular product to date. The Cobb Premier is made of a stainless steel finish with a mild steel base. The Cobb Premier provides a great cooking experience!

We recommend using easy ignite charcoal for this COBB but it is designed to suit all types of BBQ charcoal or briquettes. 

The set weighs 4kg, and measures 325mm in diameter and 270mm in height.

Check this video to find out more about COBB Premier:

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