COBB Pulled Lamb

COBB Pulled Lamb

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If you have the time, you must try this yourself at the comfort of your home. Each set consists of a pack of frozen lamb shoulder (about 1.5kg), a pack of our special dry rub and BBQ sauce. We also provide the aluminium foil for the last part of the cooking process. The lamb could make 12 large pulled lamb slider.

The cooking process takes about 4-6 hours while preparation takes about 30 minutes.

For the frozen lamb, take it out from the plastic wrap, place it on a baking tray and apply the dry rub. Leave it in room temperate for at least 2 hours or until it is completely thawed. Pierce the lamb with bamboo skewers and it is ready for the COBB.

If you have defrosted the lamb in the fridge overnight, placed it a baking tray, and pierce with bamboo skewers to create holes. Apply the dry rub, leave it for 30 minutes.

To roast, start the COBB and place the lamb (bone side down) on COBB roast rack. Place the dome cover until the charcoal nearly extinguished ( about 2.5 hours). Then spread the 3 layers of aluminium foil and place the hot lamb shoulder with bone side up. Wrap the lamb to make sure all sides are covered. Turn wrapped lamb upside down and repeat with the last two pieces of foil. Start the COBB again and place the wrapped lamb shoulder on COBB roast rack. Put the dome cover back and leave the lamb for another 2.5 hours or until the charcoal extinguished. Carefully remove the wrapped lamb shoulder, place it in the deep baking tray and leave it to cool down for at least one hour. Remove the foil but carefully save the juice in the tray. The lamb will be very tender that you could pull the bones off the meat joint. To make the pulled lamb, shred the meat roughly, removing the sinew and the excess fat. Mix the shredded lamb with the meat juice (if required) and the BBQ sauce. Season with salt and pepper, if required.  Serve the lamb on a toasted slider bun. It is best served with pineapple and mint salsa (not included)  

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