COBB Pro Black

  • RM680.00

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Have you ever experienced that after you have found a perfect picnic spot in the park, beach or by the lake or stream and you wished that you had a BBQ to go with the view? 

Breathtaking views and BBQ go well together.

But face it, perfect picnic or camping spots with million dollar view are almost always a long walk from civilisation or your car and the last thing you want to lug around is your gigantic BBQ set from home. Worse still, that old fashion BBQ "bus" from home could also obstruct the view and not to mention that it weighs a tonne. 

With Cobb Pro, you can enjoy a perfect view and have a perfect BBQ. It weighs just over 3kg. Your girlfriend's handbag is probably heavier.  

It looks good and definitely elegant that you will never be embarrassed to show it around. It is based on the oldest and most popular Cobb Premier. It has a distinct mild steel base as opposed to stainless steel finish of the regular COBB Premier. The Pro comes standard in Black. In term of construction and functioning the Premier and Pro are both equal in performance. Both providing a great cooking experience. This set includes a roast rack, recipe book and carry bag.

Other suitable accessories are frying wok, griddle plates, frying pan and dome extension. They are sold separately.

Now, picnic and camping will never be the same with COBB Pro because a delicious meal will always complement a breathtaking view.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to hot smoke with COBB.




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