COBB Premier Kitchen in A Bag

COBB Premier Kitchen in A Bag

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You know what's worse than having a charred meat on the grill?

It is the cleaning up afterwards. Cleaning up after an amazing BBQ session is one of the most difficult tasks in the modern history of BBQueing. Imagine the bits and pieces that got stuck in between the grill grates. Think of the grimes collected underneath the hood and on the sides of the grills from several BBQ sessions ago. Oh.. not to mention the rusty cast iron grill that you forgot to oil and now requires a good scrub.

BBQ is hard work. COBB just made it easier.

COBB Premier kitchen-in-a-Bag brings you the best BBQ experience ever. It is really mess free. All COBB parts and accessories can fit into a dish washer. Even if you have to clean it by hands, all parts and accessories are detachable. You can clean it at leisure. There is no corner like conventional BBQ set that often scrapes your knuckles when you try reaching the hard-to-clean bits. No need hard wire brush and scraper too that can hurt your fingers. COBB is round and super easy to maintain.  

This Kitchen-in-a-Bag set comes with carry bag plus all the accessories, raised roast rack, griddle plates, frying pan, frying wok and dome extension. The complete set allows you to do a full range of cooking. It is like having a kitchen in one handy bag and it is suitable for home, camping trips and outdoor uses. The dome extension allows you to roast or smoke chicken standing up (ok, you have to kill the bird first!). It fits large size poultry too such turkey (maximum of 4kg bird) or goose without any problem.  

This beauty weighs 4.5kg and if you may ask, the price include FREE STANDARD DELIVERY IN MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE!!!

Please check this video to learn more:

If you are still unconvinced, READ MORE HERE

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