COBB Premier Gas

  • RM800.00

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Ok...I don't like charcoal and I don't like how it feels on my hands. I am also a non-smoker and don't want to share my second hand smoke from my BBQ with others. Did I tell you that I live in an apartment and my neighbours will complain if  I produces too much smoke?

If smoke is your enemy, COBB Premier Gas is for you.

This product combines the versatility of COBB Premier with the convenience of using butane gas as fuel. With gas burner, this COBB lights up instantly while the control knob allows you to cook at desired temperatures. 

Although it runs on gas, you can still do all the BBQ tricks you have watched from the internet. For example, if after watching a Korean drama, you wanted to do a Korean BBQ (Bulgogi), it would be no problem too. You can set the gas knob to low, to grill the delicate vegetables or high for meat and chicken. There will be no drama to control the heat with this COBB. 

Once you are done using it, you can cover the entire grill with COBB Gas Cover (sold separately). Other COBB accessories, such as griddle plate and frying pan are sold separately too. 

We recommend butane gas cartridge ( available in most hardware stores) for COBB Gas. If butane gas cartridge is not available in your country, you may require a suitable gas adapter to use with butane gas canister. Please check with us for a recommendation.

Watch this video to check some of the accessories available for this COBB. 


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