How Cobb began

Did you know that the Cobb was initially designed as a cooking system for the people in rural Africa who had no access to electricity? The first prototype of the Cobb cooker was a ceramic sphere-shaped device which cooked really well. The downside however ; it was heavy and cumbersome.

The original cooker had been refined many times over. The result -- a small, eco-friendly, portable and efficient cooking and barbecue system. Its portability allows you to cook basically anything, anywhere, anytime.
In the be ginning people would use dry corn cobs as fuel source. Corn cobs are abundant in Africa. In fact this is how the Cobb got it's name! From its original fuel source - the dry corn cobs!
We think you'd be interested to know that the cooker was designed with safety in mind. It has minimal risk of dangerous fire. The base is cool touch even during use! So you can move your Cobb and your meal to wherever your party is while it's cooking!
The bonus for us is it's easy to clean and is dishwasher safe!