How it works

The Cobb’s patented design allows just the right amount of oxygen into the fire chamber from small holes below the coal. This heated air is then drawn upwards and as there are no holes in the centre of the cooking surface, it is dispersed sideways creating an evenly heated cooking surface.

The air then passes through the holes on the outer circumference of the cooking surface and flows upwards around the inside of the dome and back down onto the food. This circulation keeps the heat at an even temperature throughout the Cobb™. This feature as well the moat, which is used to contain a small amount of water, wine or beer, ensures that moisture is retained in the food while cooking.

Also, because there are no holes in the cooking surface, no fats or juices can fall directly onto the coals. This makes the Cobb™ almost smokeless while maintaining the charcoal flavor. Keeping the fats away from the food makes for healthier cooking.


 Watch these videos to understand more about COBB great features:

1. Introduction to The COBB In 30 Second