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The Cobb cooker comprise a cooker, smoker and grill, suitable for indoor and outdoor. It uses charcoal as its energy source and is perfect for use in your house, apartment or camping trip. This innovative device was awarded TIME Magazine's Best International Inventions.

The Cobb cooker is easy to use. It is so versatile that you can use it to cook simple dishes as well as elaborate four course meals i.e from salad or hors d'oeuvre, to entré, main course and desserts

The range of products include cooker, smoker. grill, griddle, frying dish, fenced roast rack, dome extension, chicken roasting stand, thermometer, cooking utensils and cobble stones.

The cooker is easy to assemble and to clean. It is also dishwasher safe and suitable for younger kids to operate, as the base remains cool to touch during use. 

For our family, the best part about using the Cobb cooker is its versatility. We can cook anything on it, from the simplest dish to a fancy meals which we often enjoy with our loved ones. We like the idea that the Cobb's oven effect allows us to entertain friends while the food cooks. We no longer need to sit and wait in front of the barbecue and worry about the meat getting burned.

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