About Us

 Our family loves the outdoor and enjoy entertaining friends and loved ones. So when we came across the Cobb cooker, we knew we had to have it. Little did we know at that time we will build a family business, distributing the Cobb range of products for Malaysia and Singapore. 

The Cobb cooking system can grill, fry, bake, roast, boil and smoke. So we can basically cook and have anything we fancy anytime anywhere! Even when we do not have access to cooking gas or electricity. Did I mention that we once baked scones (and eat them too) while camping in the Cameron Highlands? 

To us, the Cobb system is a perfect tool for indoor as well as outdoor cooking. Because it's lightweight therefore portable, we could easily take it with us when we go for picnics, to the park or if we want to have a little BBQ by the swimming pool.

Apart from that, we like the idea that Cobb is easy to use, clean (as we can wash it in the dishwasher) and safe, even for our eight-year-old child, to use. Thanks to it's base which is cool to touch on the outside, even when we're cooking and it's sizzling hot on the inside.

One of our children's favourite dessert happens to be roasted marshmallows.  As the Cobb is designed for safe cooking, it's made it possible for us to sit back and relax when the kids have their friends over and want to have their s'mores fix.


The Cobb has made entertaining at home much more enjoyable for us. The cooking system is so efficient that we could leave our meal cooking while we chit-chat with our guests. In fact sometimes take our Cobb to friend's place when they organise potluck party. There's nothing more inviting than having freshly cooked party meal with friends and loved ones!

Our family loves the outdoor and camping, especially by the beach. Yet we do not fancy meals from the can. So, the Cobb is very much relevant to our lifestyle. Why have baked beans when you can have roast chicken or lamb while soaking in the beauty of the great outdoor? 


Imagine baking freshly caught fish on a Cobb while watching the sunset in the company of your loved ones. 

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