Eight minute steak

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How to make a perfect steak quick with COBB

If I only have eight minutes to spare, I'll make this steak. It literally takes eight minutes with amazing results! 

All you need is a piece of steak 25mm (1 inch) thick, patted dry with paper towel and seasoned on both side with salt and pepper. We normally use rib eye steak although you can still get similar result with other cut such as sirloin or tenderloin.

How you grill the steak is crucial to produce a good one.

Heat a griddle plate until it's smoking hot. (TIPS: Place the dome to heat it up faster). Brush the grill with cooking oil. Sear one side of the steak on the hot grill and leave it untouch for exactly four minutes. At four minute, turn the steak over and place the dome cover. Wait for another four minutes before taking the steak off the grill and place it on a plate/chopping board for at least 5 minutes to rest. The different between using COBB and normal grill or hotplate is that you need to complete the four minutes in the oven. 

Slice across the grain and serve with your favourite grill vegetable. The steak will be medium rare with internal temperate of about 140F. Add one minute on both sides for medium and two minutes on each side for well done.  

TIPS for perfect piece of steak:

1. Try to get rid of as much surface moisture as possible from the steak. Dry steak surface will produce a desirable crust.

2. Once you place the steak on the grill, do not touch it. However, if you want a lattice mark on the steak, you can turn the steak at about 30 degree, at half way mark (2 minutes for medium rare). 

3. If you use frozen steak, allow it to defrost in a refrigerator overnight. 

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