How To Get A Perfect BBQ Result Everytime

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If you've been using COBB for a while, you would've noticed that the COBB's internal temperature can hit at least 350F (175C). This temperature is enough for you to bake (cake, muffin, bread, pizza) and to roast (lamb, beef and poultry) 

Turkey, Smoked roasted for about 3 hour and to an internal temperature of 175F

Turkey, smoked roasted for about 3 hours until its internal temperature reaches 175F

The best way to ensure that your baking or roasting is perfect every time, is to use temperature gauge or thermometer. Using a timer may not necessarily give the most accurate results for roasting because the starting temperature of the meat may vary. For instance, a piece of meat from the fridge may be cooler and take a longer to cook, compared to cooking a meat which is at room temperature.

COBB thermometer is calibrated to indicate the internal cooking temperature of meat

The most important thing you need to know when baking or roasting is the internal temperature of the meat/food item. Knowing the internal temperature of the meat will determine if the meat is rare, medium rare or done. With COBB, I normally poke the meat through the vent hole on top of the dome to measure the temperature. You must ensure that the needle is pierced at the thickest part of the meat.

As a rule of thumb, you only cook beef, veal and lamb at medium rare or medium or when the internal temperature is at least 145F (63C). Fish is edible at 150F (65C). Other type of meat will require cooking until it's fully done at170F (77C). You can use the COBB thermometer as a quick guide. For a future reference, please refer to the temperature guide courtesy of 



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