Charcoal or Gas BBQ? The right question should be who will do the clean up afterwards!

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Ok...I don't like charcoal and I don't like how it feels on my hands. I am also a non-smoker and don't want to share my second hand smoke from my BBQ with others. Did I tell you that I live in an apartment and my neighbours will complain if  I produces too much smoke?

If you fit into the above descriptions and smoke is your enemy, gas BBQ is for you.

However, charcoal BBQ has its benefits too. Based on feedbacks from our customers, charcoal remains the favourite for many. Some swear by the smoky flavour of their BBQ meat when they are grilled or roasted in charcoal . Some like the warm glow of charcoal when it is lit while for those outdoor adventurers, nothing beats setting up the BBQ fire with bare hands.


I too used to agonise over which is the best fuel for BBQ before I purchased my first BBQ equipment. The first BBQ equipment I had was charcoal. It was one of those webber type. I then graduated to gas grill. I loved it especially the part that I could light up instantly, no guessing about the fire starter. But between the two, I hated the cleaning up afterward (who doesn't?) and the fact that none of the BBQ equipment I bought before were portable enough to take anywhere.

This was why I was so delighted when I discovered COBB BBQ by accident a few years ago. At that time I was looking for a portable BBQ equipment that not only easy to clean but also portable enough to be taken anywhere with me especially to camping trips.

When it comes to ease of cleaning, i think there is no BBQ equipment out there that can beat COBB. It is small enough to fit into a dishwasher and even if you don't have one, cleaning by hand is a breeze. All COBB parts can be taken apart, no sharp edges as well as no hidden nooks and crannies which make cleaning difficult.

Portability is also very important to me. I love having BBQ in a park or by the stream or the beach. COBB is by far the best option to do this. It can grill, roast, make pizza or bread.Camping food is no longer limited to instant noodles and I now cook a full breakfast, lunch and dinner when I go camping. When you are miles away from the nearest town and surrounded by nature, cooking food in COBB makes the experience an extra special. 

So is the type of fuel still an important consideration?

With COBB, the answer is NO. Both COBB Premier and COBB Gas work the same way. Even if you want to try smoking your food, there are so many types of smoking devices you can use for either gas and charcoal. 

To produce smoke using charcoal COBB is easy. you just put wood chip over a burning charcoal. If you soak the wood chips earlier, it may last for about 15 minutes. For Gas COBB, all you need to do is to make a small aluminium foil envelope to put either wood chips or sawdust or even tea leaves. Pierce the top surface of the foil envelope with a fork for the smoke to escape. To use it just place the foil flat and as close to the fire as possible. The chips would keep burning and produce the smoke depending on how much chips you put in the envelope.

Check this video on how to do it with charcoal.

So, if you are still unsure which COBB to choose, just ask yourselves, who will do the cleaning up afterward. Whoever does it, must decide on which type of COBB he or she should get. The next question will be, what colour ( stainless steel or black) and how big a party that you plan to organise (COBB Premier is for up to four people or COBB Supreme for up to eight people).

Perhaps, you shouldn't ask the above question and the right decision to be made today is the type of meat you are planning to BBQ.

Whatever you choices, have a great day BBQueing. May the only fight will be, who will get the last piece of sausage, chicken wing or the lamb rack. 




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