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A dear friend of ours flew in from Melbourne recently. To celebrate her, we decided to throw an early Christmas dinner.  

Our main course was a 4kg turkey, smoked in the Cobb Premier. We served it with our homemade cranberry sauce, gravy, roasted potatoes and butternut squash. There is no trick to do it with COBB. We just brine the turkey overnight and truss the bird with string and place it on a roast rack with COBB extension. For smoking with use apple wood chips which has been soak in water. The whole process takes about 3.5 hours. We need to change the charcoal once after two hours.

We absolutely love how juicy and tender the turkey turned out. 

Smoking the turkey in a Cobb is to us one of the best ways to cook & enjoy our turkey.

Ready to be served

Picture 1: Finished product - Crisp brown skins with fat fully rendered.

We smoke our turkey with apple wood chip

Picture 2: Apple wood chips soaked in water for at least one hour 

Firing up the road charcoal

Picture 3: COBB ready for action 

This is what you get after about 3hrs. Nicely brown smoke turkey

Picture 4: After 3.5 hours 



Potatoes roasted on the Cobb

Picture 5: Roast Potatoes to go with the turkey 

Smoked turkey served with roasted potatoes and butternut squash ready for our special guests

Picture 6: Smoked turkey with roast vegetables 

Our early Christmas feast

Picture 7: Cutleries ready for feasting 

The leftovers are great for making stock/broth. Just chuck in some veges/picked veges and leave to slow boil overnight

Picture 8: Roast turkey leftover for stew later

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